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Call for Papers

The UKC 2009 Program Committee has selected "Creative Minds for Global Sustainability" as the main theme of the Conference. UKC 2009 will focus on cross-cutting sustainability research and practice in engineering, science, technology development, and entrepreneurship. This sustainability theme will be divided into the five primary topics for science and engineering research in today's world; Life, Infrastructure, Fundamentals, Energy, and Natural Resources.

UKC 2009 will be composed of plenary sessions, parallel sessions, and a poster session. Plenary sessions are envisioned to feature prominent speakers who are leading authorities in the respective five fields. Multiple parallel sessions will be held for the presentation of selected papers and panel discussions. Each panel will be composed of high ranking officials from policy making organizations (e.g. EPA, DOE, etc.), industry partners, and researchers from both Korea and the United States.

The UKC 2009 Program Committee is currently soliciting papers in the five sustainability areas. Papers that cut across multiple disciplines are particularly welcome. It is expected that some selected papers could serve as an excellent basis for special publications of various journals. The UKC 2009 Program Committee would like to entertain proposals for such special publications.

Should you have any questions regarding UKC 2009, please contact one of the following Conference organizers:

Cheung-Ryong Ji (Conferene Chair and President Elect of KSEA)
North Carolina State University, Raleigh (

Richard Youngsoo Kim (Program Committee Chair)
North Carolina State University, Raleigh (

Jane Oh (Program Committee Co-Chair)
NASA-JPL, Pasadena, CA (

Yongbaek Kim (Local Arrangement Committee Chair)
North Carolina State University, Raleigh (

Jintae Kim (Local Arrangement Committee Co-Chair)
Tuskegee University (

Sung Woo Kim (Local Arrangement Committee Co-Chair)
North Carolina State University (