Global Sustainability

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Conference Organizers

Conference Chair & Co-chair
Chueng-Ryong Ji (NC State University)
President-Elect of KSEA
Ki-Jun Lee
President of KOFST
Program Committee
Chair: Richard Youngsoo Kim (NC State University)
Co-Chair: Jane Oh (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Web Team: Bonnie Diaz,Seongwook Park (NC State University)
Executive Committee
Chair: Chueng-Ryong Ji (NC State University)
President-Elect of KSEA
Co-Chair: Ki-Wook Kim (NC State University)
Local Arrangements Committee
Chair: Yongbaek Kim (NC State University)
Co-Chair: Jintae Kim (Tuskegee University)
Co-Chair: Sung Woo Kim (NC State University)
Symposiums/Forums General Chairs Contact
Sustainable Food for Public Health
Park Bosoon
DNA Damage and Cellular Responses

Bongsup Cho
University of Rhode Island

Sustainabilty Development With Information Science &
Technology (IST)

Jihie Kim
University of Southern California
Intelligent Transportation and Environmental Systems

Kang-Won Wayne Lee
University of Rhode Island
Civil and Extreme Engineering

Sangchul Bang
South Dakota School of Mine and Technology
Sustainable Bridge Design in Natural Hazard Enviroments

Mervyn Kowalsky
NC State University
Communication and Bio Nano Networking Technology

Jae Hoon Kim
Boeing Research & Technology
Advances in Homeland Security and Personal Safety

Seong G. Kong
Temple University

Polymer Science and Engineering for Sustainable Energy and
Environment Technology

Chang Y. Ryu
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Humanoids Design Architecture and Human Robot Interaction

Dennis Hong
Virginia Tech
Nano Science and Technology Duck-Joo Yang  
New Frontiers in Basic and Applied Physics

Bai Taeil
Stanford University

Mathematics: Fundamentals and Applications

Sung-Yell Song
Iowa State University
Renewable Energy and Sustainability (RES)

Tae Hyun Kim
Iowa State University
Energy Efficiency and Green House Gas Management

Yong Nak Lee
Sustainability of the Built and Natural Environments Ranji Ranjinathan

Green Communication and Global Wireless Spectrum

Young B. Choi
James Madison University
Chemical Science and Engineering

Jae W. Lee
City College of New York
Life and Biomedical Science Jae Jung
Aeronautics and Space Jaewoon Shin
Forums General Chairs Contact
Education and R&D Policy Forum

Ahn Saeyoung
Fuzbien Technology Institute
Women in Science and Engineering

Gye Won Han
The Scripps Research Institute

Young Generation & Professional Forum

Tae (Tom) Oh