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Applied and Pure Mathematics (APM)
Date: August 14-17 (Thu-Sun), 2008
Venue: Town and Country Hotel, San Diego, CA
Abstract Due: Extended to April 20, 2008
Final Paper Due: July 1, 2008
  • To promote and enhance collaborative research activities among Korean research mathematicians who are working at US and Korean institutions.

  • To provide opportunities to seek for specific collaborative projects to benefit each participating members of Korean Mathematics Society (KMS) and Korean-American Mathematical Scientists Association (KAMSA).

All topics in the area of applied and computational mathematics including mathematics for biological, information, physical sciences and engineering. All core topics in pure mathematics and mathematics education.


This symposium will be focusing on current progress and development of various topics in mathematics and its applications and mathematics education for the future generation.

Invited Speakers

Prof. Jinho Baik (Univ. of Michigan)

Prof. Eung Chun Cho (Kentucky State Univ.)

Prof. Ji Young Choi (Shippensburg Univ.)

Prof. Youngmi Hur (MIT)

Prof. Jeong-Hyun Kang (Univ. of West Georgia)

Prof. Dano Kim (Univ. of Chicago)

Prof. In-Jae Kim (Mankato State Univ.)

Prof. Inwon Kim (UC Los Angeles)

Prof. Jon Lark Kim (Univ. of Louisville)

Prof. Yon Seo Kim (Univ. of Chicago)

Prof. Young-Han Kim (UC San Diego)

Prof. Woong Kook (Univ. of Rhode Island)

Prof. Kiseop Lee (Univ. of Louisville)

Prof. Jihwa Noh (Univ. of Northern Iowa)

Prof. Hae-Soo Oh (UNC Charlotte)

Prof. Hee Oh (Brown Univ.)

Prof. Yong-Geun Oh (Univ. of Wisconsin)

Prof. Seung Kook Park (Univ. of Cincinnati)

Prof. Sung Yell Song (Iowa State Univ.)

Prof. Junecue Suh (MIT)

Prof. Ae Ja Yee (Pennsylvania State Univ)



Prof. Inkyung Ahn (Korea Univ.)

Prof. Yeol Je Cho (Gyoungsang National Univ.)

Prof. Heejoon Choe (Yonsei Univ.)

Prof. Jeongwhan Choi (Korea Univ.)

Prof. Hyung Ju Hwang (Postech)

Prof. Do Han Kim (Seoul National Univ.)

Prof. Dongsu Kim (KAIST)

Prof. Dosang Kim (Pukyung National Univ.)

Prof. Jin Ho Kwak (Postech)

Prof. Min Kyu Kwak (Jeonnam National Univ.)

Prof. In Kwon (Konkuk Univ.)

Prof. Kunhee Lee (Chungnam National Univ.)

Prof. Hyung Chun Lee (Ajou Univ.)

Prof. Sang-Gu Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Prof. Woo Young Lee (Seoul National Univ.)

Prof. Yong Hoon Lee (Pusan National Univ.)

Prof. Yongdo Lim (Kyungbuk National Univ.)

Prof. Suk-Zoon Song (Cheju National Univ.)

Chair and Co-chairs

Sung Yell Song, Chair (Iowa State Univ.)

Eungchun Cho (Kentucky State Univ.)



Do-Han Kim (Seoul Nat'l Univ., President of Korean Math. Society) dhkim@snu.ac.kr

Sang-Gu Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Symposium Organizing Committee

Jon Lark Kim (Univ. Louisville) and several others

TBA (At least 12 representing specialty areas.)

BK21 Project Team leaders from Korea

Symposium Advisory Committee

Hae-Soo Oh (UNCC)


Jin Ho Kwak (POSTECH),

Chin-Hong Park (Sunmoon Univ., Editor-in-Chief of JAMC)

Young-Ju Choie (POSTECH),   



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