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Contemporary Basic Science (CBS)

Date Time Event

Session 1: Physics I (Lake Anne B)
Session Chair:Ho Jung Paik (Univ. of Maryland)
Chul Koo Kim (Younsei Univ.)

Aug. 10th 9:45 - 10:45 am 1.1 Application of Particale Physics to Cosmology: Correlation of the Mass Scale between Dark Matter and Quantum Chromodynaics;
Chueng-Ryong Ji*, and Yuriy Mishchenko; NC State Univ., Howard Hughs Medical Institute
1.2 Search for extra dimensions and fat graviton;
Ho Jung Paik; Univ. of Maryland
1.3 Terahertz radiation from effective surface plasmon excited by convection electrons;
Gun-Sik Park; Seoul National University
    1.4 Transport Properties versus Alloy Composition Profile;
    Yong W. Kim; Lehigh University

Session 2: Statistics I (Reston Town Center)
Session Chair: Sin-Ho Jung (Duke Univ.), and Byeong U. Park (Seoul National Univ.)

Aug. 10th 9:45 - 10:45 am 2.1 Classification by Ensembles of Logistic Regression Models from Random Partitions;
Hongshik Ahn, and Noha Lim, Sonny Brook Univ.
2.2 Two-Stage Tests for Association on the X chromosome;
Jungnam Joo; NHLBI/NIH
2.3 The permutation method of time course microarray experiment;
Insuk Sohn, Sin-Ho Jung, and Stephen L. George; Duke Univ.
2.4 New In Silico Pharmacogenomic Approaches to the Prediction of the Chemotherapeutic Responses of Human Cancers;
Jae K. Lee*, and Dan Theodorescu; Univ. of Virginia School of Medicine

Session 3 : Physics II (Lake Anne B)
Session chair:  Ho Jung Paik (Univ. of Maryland), amd Chul Koo Kim (Younsei Univ.)

Aug. 10th 2:15 - 3:15 pm 3.1 Fluctuations and Self-organization in Bological Systems at Nano-scale;
Wokyung Sung; POSTECH
3.2 New methods in quantum many-body theory;
Dean Lee; NCSU
3.3 Open Science Grid: Introduction and Overview;
In-Saeng Suh; Univ. of Notre Dame

Session 4: Afternoon Session: Statistics II (Reston Town Center)
Session Chair: Sin-Ho Jung (Duke Univ.), and Byeong U. Park (Seoul National Univ.)

Aug. 10th 2:15 - 3:45 pm 4.1 A Bayesian Prediction for Undecided Voters;
Jai Won Choi; NCHS
4.2 Methods for item selection in a scale for screening;
Xinhua Liu, and Zhezhen Jin*; Columbia Univ.
4.3  Effects of Misclassification on Estimation of Odds Ratio in Case-Control Studies;
Jun-Mo Nam; DCEG, NCI, NIH
4.4 Description of Cost/Effectiveness Ratio Distributions;
Sunny Kim

Session 5: Afternoon Session: Statistics III (Reston Town Center)
Session Chair: Sin-Ho Jung (Duke Univ.), and Byeong U. Park (Seoul National Univ.)

Aug. 10

4:00 - 5:00 pm

5.1 Conditional Exact Trend Test for Paired Binary Measures in Ophthalmology Studies;
Jonghyeon Kim; the EMMES Corp.
5.2 Large-Scale Automatic Forecasting;
Youngjin Park*, and Michael Leonard
5.3 On the complete convergence of weighted sums for arrays of negatively associated variables;
Jong Il Baek; Univ. of NC at Charlotte, Wonkwang Univ.
5.4 Variance Estimation Methods with Measurement Error Shared Across Strata;
MoonJung Cho*, and John Eltinge; US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Session 6: Professor Kang Memorial (Lake Anne B)
Session Chair: Ki-Hyon Kim (North Carolina Central U)

Aug. 10 4:00 - 5:00 am 6.1 Paul Frampton;
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
6.2 My Experience with Plasma Sources;
Hong-Young Chang; KAIST
6.3 Tuson Park;
Los Alamos National Laboratory; Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos

6.4 Yong-Wook Kim;
Lehigh University

6.4 Manshik Kang;
KUSCO, Family Representative

Session 7: Mathematics I (Reston Town Center)
Session Chairs: Hae-Soo Oh (Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte), and Haekyung Lee (Winthrop Univ.)

Aug. 11 9:45 - 11:15 am 6.1 Discrete Logarithm Problems with auxiliary inputs;
Jung Hee Cheon; Seoul National Univ.
6.2 Codes over Rings;
Jon-Lark Kim; Univ. of Louisville
6.3 Smooth Modules;
Haekyung Lee; Winthrop Univ.
6.4 Wreath Products of Association Schemes;
Sung Yell Song; Iowa State Univ.

Session 8: Mathematics II (Reston Town Center)
Session Chairs: Hae-Soo Oh (Univ. of North Carolina), and Haekyung Lee (Windthrop Univ.)

Aug. 11 2:15 - 3:45 pm 6.1 The Propoducing Singularity Particle Shape functions for Singularity Problems in the framework of Meshfree Partcle Methods;
Hae-Soo Oh*, Jaewoo Jeong, and June G. Kim; Univ. of NC at Charlotte
6.2 Extensions of Involutions on Complex Plane;
Eungchun Cho; Kentucky State Univ.
6.3 On obstacles in the development of Korean mathematics in the late 19th and early 20th century;
Sang-Gu Lee with Jihwa Noh, and Sung-Yell Song; Sungkyunkwan Univ,
6.4 Analysis of a 2D Smoluchowski equation for nano-rod dispersions;
Joohee Lee; Univ. of NC at Chapel Hill

Session 9: Afternoon Session: Contemporary Basic Science including Chemistry (Reston Town Center)
Session Chair: Ken S. Lee (Jackson State Univ.)

Aug. 11 4:00 - 5:00 am 6.1 Separation of Cellulosic Material from Lignin in Sawdust with Ionic liquid;
Ken S. Lee, Teresa Demeritte, Jeffrey Thorn. Maria Begonia, and Huey-Min Hwang; Jackson State Univ.
6.2 Sequence effects on carcinogen-DNA adducts: mutation and repair;
Bongsup Cho; Univ. of Rhode Island
6.3 A Steerable Array Antenna Using Microwave Dielectric Slab Phase Shifters on a Coplanar Waveguide;
Junho Cha*, and Yasuo Kuga; Univ. Univ. of Washington
6.4 The evolution of communication technologies;
You Song Kim; Lehigh Valley Chapter