Energy Sustainability and Climate (ESC) Forum
The goal of the Forum is to identify challenges and opportunities focused on declining oil consumption and new energy production, which have strong worldwide interest from both intellectual and practical points of view. It also has been the vision of America's energy future and the title of America's new energy policy. It is envisioned that it will require state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research on energy issues associated with various research fields, including materials, mechanical, electrical, civil, environmental and computer science and engineering. The vision of the National Science & Technology Commission (NSTC) is continuing to work on improving the national R&D system and developing new growth engines in order for Korea to make another economic transformation, this time into an advanced knowledge society. This ESC Forum will provide a unique opportunity to foster the collaborative efforts between Korea and the US related to cross-cutting technical and administrative disciplines on energy issues. Chair

K. Wayne Lee
The University of Rhode Island

Myung Ja Kim
Green Korea21 Forum

Hang-Yul Rhee
Shepherd University

Yong-Chil Seo
Yonsei University

August 7, Thursday
8:00 am - 9:40 am, SandPebble A

ESC-1 Session: Nuclaer Policy and Security

Chair: Myungja Kim (Green Korea)

1. 8:00 AM (ESC-1) [Invited Talk] Building Public Confidence on Nuclear Safety, Myungja Kim (Green Korea)
2. 8:20 AM (ESC-2) A Statistical Analysis on Energy Resources, Production, Consumption and Unit Cost, Ki-Hyon Kim (North Carolina Central University)
3. 8:40 AM (ESC-3) Enhanced Safety of Future Nuclear Power Plants, Howard Ho Chung (KAIST)
4. 9:00 AM (ESC-4) Re-construting the Public in Old and New Governance: A Korean Case of Nuclear Enegy Policy, Hyo-Min Kim (UNIST)
5. 9:20 AM Panel Discussion

August 8, Friday
8:00 am - 9:40 am, Room TBD

ESC-2 Session: Climate Change and Energy Sustainability

Chair: Yongchil Seo (Yonsei University)

6. 8:00 AM (ESC-5) [Invited Talk] History of Waste Management Associated with GHG Reduction in Korea, Yongchil Seo (Yonsei Univ.)
7. 8:20 AM (ESC-6) Optimization Models for Energy Sustainability, Zong Woo Geeem (Gachon Univ.)
8. 8:40 AM (ESC-7) Chemically Turnable Ionic Liquids with Aprotic Heterocyclic Anions for CO2 Capture, Samuel Seo (Notre Dame Univ.)
9. 8:55 AM (ESC-8) Piezoelectric-Based Energy Harvesting Technology for Highway Susttainability, Seonghoon Kim (Gergia Southern Univ.)
10. 9:10 AM (ESC-9) Adhesion Study of Duplex Paint System for Sustainable Infrastructure, K. Wayne Lee, Sze Yang, Chen Lu, Maureen Mirville and Anthony Pharam (URI)
11. 9:25 AM (ESC-10) Cold In-Palce Recycling for Sustanable Roadway Maintenance and Management, Ajay Singh and K. Wayne Lee (URI)

August 9, Saturday
8:00 am - 9:40 am, Room TBD

ESC-3 Session: KEI-STEP-KEEI Policy Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy: New Direction of Korean Environment and Energy Policy

Chair: Byungwook Lee, Korea Environment Institute, Korea
Co-Chair: Jong-Guk Song, Science and Technology Policy Institute, Korea
Dong-Woon Noh, Korea Energy Economics Institute, Korea

12. 8:00 AM (ESC-11) Innovative Maintenance Technologies for Structures in Korea, Gitae Park (KICT)
13. 8:15 AM (ESC-12) Development of Road Survey Vehicle and its Application for Road Safety Program, Dukgeun Yun (KICT)
14. 8:30 AM (ESC-13) Enhacing the Safety and Resilience of Urban Water Infrastructure by Rainwater Management, Mooyoung Han (SNU)
15. 8:45 AM (ESC-14) Water Infrastructure Safety Assessment Using Neural Network, Victor Geem (Gachun U)
16. 9:00 AM (ESC-15) Kevan Shafizadeh (California State University, Sacramento) 17. 9:15 AM (ESC-16) Carl Monismith or Ching-Yao Chan (UC Berkeley) or (ESC-17) Treatment of a Vulnerable Population at Hurricane Evacuation, Natacha Thomas, KeerthiSuryadevara (URI) and K. Wayne Lee (URI)
18. 9:30 AM Panel Session