IP Forum

- Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM / Room: SandPebble A

Host Organization
- KOREA-US IP Foundation (KORUSIP), National Research Council of Science & Technology (nst) and Electronics and Telecommunications and Research Institute (ETRI)

- Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA)

As the paradigm of the industrial economy changes into the creative economy times centered by the creative thinking and new value, the main role of IP retaining the value of the industry technology is being challenged by this trend and the demands of the times.

In response to this challenge and opportunity, IP Forum will provide a perceptional turning point about IPs role to create new high added value and Blue Ocean, and monitor IP market trend for trading industry technologies.

Main Contents
In 2014 IP forum, there will be IP competition and IP Expert Seminar simultaneously with the topic The future of Industrial technology and IPs new role in the era of the creative economy. Especially in this place, the patent trading experts as well as academia, research institutes and government officials of two countries have a chance for the discussion and networking, sharing main theme IP

Session A. Forum
1. Patent Resources available in USPTO website and onsite
- External Affairs, USPTO
2. SMART 3.1  Patent Analysis and Evaluation Tool
3. IP Commercialization
- Intellectual Ventures
4. IP Policy of Research Institute

Session B. IP Competition 2014
Under the slogan "The economic value of one key patent goes beyond those of 10,000 simple patents", "IP Competition" will be held to compete seriously in terms of the economical & technical value of Korea's patents and US's. Through the audition-style final round of the competition we can compare the development levels and economical values of the submitted entries.

Process of IP Competition
1. Applicant: KSEA, Research Institutes, Private Organizations, etc.
2. Entry Content: US Patents, Invention/ Technology (filed/to be filed in US)
3. Submission: Application Form (1 ~ 2 Pages)
4. Award: Main Prize, Sponsor Prize
5. Co-Hosts: KORUSIP, nst and ETRI
6. Entry Period: May 12, 2014 - June 30, 2014 (Extended)

Schedule Time Reference
Notice April 2014 UKC 2014
Submission May 2014 KorusIP
Preliminary Round June 2014 Evaluation
Final Round August 2014 Evaluation
Paul T Lee, President , KORUSIP
admin@korusip.org T. 703-854-1331 F. 703-854-1332

Choong Lee., Planning Manager, KORUSIP
admin@korusip.org T. 703-854-1331 F. 703-854-1332