K-tech Global Planning Forum 2014 by KEIT

Aug. 7 - 8 (Thu, Fri), 2014, 1:30 PM - 6:30 PM
/ Closed forum (invitation only)

Host Organization
Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology

About K-tech Global Planning Forum
The Forum will focus on addressing (1) needs for new technologies for manufacturing industries, (2) current and future prospect for advanced/smart manufacturing systems, (3) policies and programs for future advanced manufacturing, and (4) prospects and opportunities for US-Korea Collaboration.

The Forum is to promote the participation of Korean-American scientists and engineers in the national R&D planning for improving R&D productivity and Global Cooperation.

Korean-American scientists and engineers in various technical areas will discuss about trend of recent leading technologies in this Forum with Program Directors (PD) of KEIT to draw creative and innovative ideas for national R&D projects planning.

This Forum will be focused on 8 industrial technology areas.
- Bio, Medical Devices, Smart Car, Green Car, LED/Photonics, Embedded SW, Robot, and System