KIER Energy Eureka Forum

- Aug. 7 (Thu), 2014 (13:30 - 18:00) / Room: Harbour B

Host Organization
- Korea Institute of Energy Research

Forum Chair
Bae Ki-kwang, (Director of New & Renewable Research Division, Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER))

- Promoting top-tier cutting edge research in the field of energy technology through networking with Korean-American scientists and engineers
- Final winners, through the KIER Energy Eureka Forum, will be awarded '2015 KIER international joint project*'

* Approx. 200 million won at maximum will be allocated for each project (More than 50% of the budget needs to go KIER researcher)

- Korea-American scientists and engineers with creative idea in need of KIERs funding support who passed the 1st evaluation process by KIER Research Committee.

Forum Progress

* The number of projects to be awarded, which is supposed to be five (5) now, is changeable after the final evaluation process

Forum Program

KEEF-1 Session: Energy Efficiency and New & Renewable Energy
Chair: Bae Ki-kwang, (Director of New & Renewable Research Division, Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER))
1:30 PM Registration
1:40 PM (KEEF-1) Welcome Remarks, Lee Ki-woo (President, KIER)
1:43 PM (KEEF-2) KIER Introduction, Bae Ki-kwang (KIER)
1:50 PM (KEEF-3) High Efficiency Flexible Rechargeable Battery based on 3D Graphene-Carbon Nanotubes, Choi Wonbong (University of North Texas)
2:10 PM (KEEF-4) Development on a New Li-ion Battery Charging Scheme with High Efficiency Based on On-line Impedance Estimation, Park Sungyeul (University of Connecticut)
2:30 PM (KEEF-5) Development of Multi-wall Carbon Nanotube-based Dehumidification System, Choi Tae-youl (University of North Texas)
2:50 PM (KEEF-6) Development of Next-generation Solar Cells with Low-cost Earth-abundant Inorganic Compound Absorber Materials, Kim Ho-cheol (IBM Research Division)
3:10 PM (KEEF-7) High Efficient, Easily Scalable Perovskite-sensitized Solar Cells with FTO-free, Nano-micro Electrodes, Hwang Kyungjun (University of California, San Diego)
- Coffee Break -
KEEF-2 Session: Climate Change and Advanced Energy Materials
4:00 PM (KEEF-8) Novel Bio-granule Technology for Renewable Bioenergy Production and Waste Reclamation, Park Chul (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
4:20 PM (KEEF-9) Low-dimensional Atomic Layered Nanomaterials as Nano-catalyst Supports, Shon Young-seok (California State University, Long Beach)
4:40 PM (KEEF-10) Development of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells(SOECs) for Syngas Generation from CO2 and H2O: Connecting Dots between Intermittent Renewable Energy and Fischer-Tropsch Process, Ha Suyun (Washington State University)
5:00 PM (KEEF-11) High Performance Novel H-FC(Hydrogen Fuel Cell), Park Jong-hee (Eltron R&D)
5:20 PM (KEEF-12) Adsorption of Gas Phase Organic Compounds on Carbon Nano-materials and its Application to Treatment of Air Pollutants, Jang Myoseon (University of Florida)
5:40 PM (KEEF-13) Final Comments
5:45 PM Closing

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Hyunku Joo, Ph.D., Chief, International Cooperation Team T. +82-42-860-3740 F. +82-42-860-3486