KIOST Ocean-Human-Climate and Ocean Resources Forum

August 8, Friday, 2014 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM / Room: 2052

Host Organization
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST)

Forum Chair
Sik Huh (Director of KIOST-NOAA Lab, Principal Research Scientist, KIOST)

To promote and strengthen the cooperative relationship between policy makers and scientists to develop the potential projects that KIOST and ocean related institutes in the US can collaborate on.


The environmental integrity and sustainable productivity of the ocean, coasts, and coastal watersheds, play a central role in the well-being of societies. The marine environment supplies a multitude of products and services that enhance and support the lives and livelihoods. For example, in 2011, Americans ate 4.7 billion pounds of fish and shellfish. Offshore oil production in Federal waters accounts for fully 24 percent of total U.S. crude oil production. More than half of the United States population lives in coastal watershed counties which generate 58 percent ($8.3 trillion) of the GDP. Additionally, the ocean is a critical element of the global environment system. The ocean influences and contributes prediction skill to weather and climate forecasts on a range of space and time scales and for phenomena such as hurricanes, drought, and El Nino. Long-term changes in the ocean evidenced by acidification, changing sea-level, and ocean warming provide additional evidence of a changing global climate. The session will focus on emerging research related to global change, the growing importance of human-caused and natural disasters involving the ocean, and the use and protection of ocean resources. Contributed presentations will describe improved tools, researches, and plans for Ocean Science and Technology required not only to carryout research but also to translate, disseminate, and apply the results of that research to address pressing issues facing the nations and the world. To promote the needs of increasing global scale ocean research activities and potential core technologies by Korea-U.S. cooperation, this forum will help to develop projects supporting the issues of global climate/environmental changes and ocean exploration by utilizing infrastructures between two countries.

Featured Speakers (Tentative)

Dr. Sik Huh, (KIOST, Korea)
Dr. David Legler (NOAA, USA)
Korea-U.S. ocean experts and policy makers will present their research results regarding current issues of ocean science and technology as well as reaffirm the collaborative work between the institutes they represent. There will be discussions for the potential researches that two countries can collaborate on as well as for current and future Korea-U.S. projects, and procedures for conducting collaborative researches. There will be interdisciplinary discussions among scientists from various fields on topics such as the climate change, environment, energy, and natural resources.

Sik Huh, Ph.D., Director, KIOST-NOAA Lab T. 267-632-9624, F. 703-992-7762

Terry Schaefer, Ph.D., Acting Director, International Activities Office, Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, NOAA T. 301-367-7087, F. 301-713-1459