KWiSE/KOFWST Outstanding Women Scientist Forum

August 9, Saturday 1:30 - 3:30 PM / SandPebble A

Korean-American Women in Science and Engineering (KWiSE) and Korea Federation of Women's Science & Technology Associations (KOFWST) present a special seminar by outstanding women scientists who has been well recognized for their contribution to the advancement of science in both U.S. and Korea. This year, Drs. Hei Sook Sul and Eunyoung Cho have been invited both of whom have been highly esteemed for their contribution to understanding lipid metabolism and dietary impact on health and cancer and other common diseases. They will speak on the impact of dietary intake on overall human health and common chronic diseases such as obesity and cancer currently plaguing the general public health. This session is open to all UKC participants. Particularly those interested in learning more about the in-depth coverage on achieving good health and preventing chronic diseases are highly encouraged to attend.


Haejung An
US Food and Drug Administration

Doe Sun Na
Korean Academy of Science and Technology
University of Ulsan
Organizing Committee
Dr. Hee Young Paik, Seoul National University, Korea
Dr. Yeon Bai, Montclair State University, NJ, USA
Dr. Eun Suk Seo, University of Maryland, USA
Dr. Doe Sun Na, Korean Academy of Science and Technology, University of Ulsan, Korea
Dr. Jane Oh, KWiSE Vice President, Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA, USA


Transcriptional Regulation of Lipogenesis
Dr. Hei Sook Sul (University of California-Berkeley, USA)

Dietary Impact on Preventing Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases and Obtaining Good Health
Dr. Eunyoung Cho (The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, USA)

Dr. Yeon Bai, Montclair State University, NJ, USA
Dr. Hee Yong Kim, National Institute of Health, USA
Dr. Hey-Kyoung Lee, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Dr. Jeong Im Woo, University of California-Los Angeles, USA
Dr. Eunok Choe, Inha University, Korea
Dr. Jae-Kyung Lee, Emory University, USA
Dr. Hae Young Ahn, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, USA
Dr. Na Young Kim, Stanford University, USA