Research Proposal Request
Changing the World with SK Innovation
SK Innovation is looking for Breakthrough Technology to have collaborative research projects with you!

Aug. 7th (Thursday) 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Breakthrough Technology
We are looking for game changing ideas/technologies that dramatically alter an existing market or create a new market.

Areas of Interest
* Petroleum
- Resource exploitation (hydrofracturing, EOR technology, data mining & analysis, software), crude oil upgrading
* Chemicals
- gas to chemicals, biomass to chemicals, high molecular weight hydrophilic polymer
* Materials
- Energy converting materials (thermoelectric, piezoelectric), energy saving materials, information & electronics materials (transparent conductive electrode, flexible electronics), 3D printing, semiconducting materials (layer transfer technology)

Target Audience
* US-Korean Scientists and Engineers (researchers, professors, post-docs, graduate students, ventures, venture capitals)
* Also, we are looking for opportunities to have international collaborations through the UKC network.

* If you are invited to SK Innovation after submitting your proposal, we will offer $300 per person to help cover travel expenses.
* SK Innovation will contact those with approved proposals to discuss the terms of the collaboration

* Present a written proposal for a joint research project by emailing the following address: &
- Proposals should be at least 1 page and follow the template attached. Additional information may be added as needed.
- Proposal deadline: July 13, 2014
* Those that are accepted will attend UKC*s 2014 SK Innovation*s Closed Session on Aug 6th-9th, 2014 to be interviewed or to present their proposal (20 minutes). 

Important Dates
* Deadline to submit Proposal: July 13, 2014
* Invitations for interview emailed: July 21, 2014
* RSVP deadline: July 30, 2014
* Interviews: Aug 6-9, 2014

Screening Criteria
* Dramatic financial impact
* Revolutionary technology with a sustainable competitive advantage
* Commercial application

* The application and other documents, once submitted, will not be returned under any circumstances.
* Should the proposal be accepted, the priority of joint development will be SK Innovation.
* Further correspondence regarding joint development may be necessary after interview.
* The above schedule is subjected to change without prior notice.
* Any representation of another individual*s research, work, or ideas without the specific permission or consent will be grounds for immediate cancellation of the proposed project. Any individual misrepresenting their work will be fully responsible and liable for the project cancellation.

* SK Innovation's BT Group: Jae Yang Song (, Byoung In Lee, (