Bio, Medical and Pharmaceutical (BMP) Symposium

Basic research in biological sciences has greatly enhanced our understanding of molecular, cellular, and genetic mechanisms underpinning various aspects of living organisms in health and disease. Many of the outstanding questions in biomedical research call for collaboration between scientists in different fields of basic science as well as clinical and pharmaceutical disciplines. The goal of BMP symposium is to introduce the latest advances in biological, medical, and pharmaceutical sciences, which will facilitate future collaborative discoveries across the disciplines. As a part of the Emerging Technology Program, we will focus on the use of the latest techniques and approaches to enhance our understanding of the fundamental biological principles as well as translational advances to improve human health. The symposium will provide an overview of broad ranges of topics including cancer, immunology, neuroscience, stem cell research, drug discovery, and translational medicine. In addition, how such advances may be utilized for designing effective therapeutic strategies will be discussed.

Sohyun Ahn
National Institutes of Health

Hey-Kyoung Lee
The Johns Hopkins University
Keynote Speakers
Sohyun AhnNIH/NICHDSetting up the Neurogenic Niche
Hey-Kyoung LeeJohns Hopkins UnivCross-Modal Cortical Adaptation to Sensory Loss
Session Chairs
Jung Hyun ParkNIH/NCIImmune system: Development and homeostasis
Seung-Hoi KooKorea UniversityMolecular Basis of Metabolic Disease
Sohyun AhnNIH/NICHDStem Cells and Development
Hey-Kyoung LeeJohns Hopkins Univ Advances in Neuroscience
Kyung S. LeeNIH/NCICell cycle and Cancer
Sihoun HahnAdvances in Translational Research
Soo-Kyung LeeOHSUEpigenetic regulation in development, disease and more
Yun H. ChoeLucas & Mercanti, LLPDrug Discovery and Development
Invited Speakers
Immune system: Development and homeostasis
Jung Hyun ParkNIH/NCICytokine signaling in CD4/CD8 lineage decision in the thymus
Chang H. KimPurdue UniversityBidirectional regulation of immunity by the gut bacterial metabolites short chain fatty acids
Jeong-Sook ShinUCSFHomeostasis and function of immunoglubulin E
Cheong Hee ChangUniv MichiganInterplay of signlaing and cell metabolism for the development and function of innate T cells
Charles C. KimUCSFImmunological tolerance of malaria infection
Molecular Basis of Metabolic Disease
Kee Hong KimPurdue UnivLeaving Resveratrols Shadow: Role of Piceatannol, a Resveratrol Analogue, in Adipogenesis and Lipid Metabolism in Adipocytes
Jun Hee LeeUniv MichiganOrchestration of cellular metabolism by Sestrin-family proteins
Seung-Hoi KooKorean UnivRegulation of Hepatic Gluconeogenesis by Protein Argnine Methyltransferase 6
Jae Myoung SuhSalk InstituteEndocrinization of FGF1 produces a neomorphic insulin sensitizing activity
Stem Cells and Development
Mi-Ryoung SongGISTSTAT3 maintains the stemness of radial glia at mid-neurogenesis
Mi Hyeon Jang Mayo Clinic College of MedicineMolecular mechanism governing new neuron development in adult brain
Gabsang Lee Johns Hopkins Univ School of MedicineDerivation of induced neural crest from human postnatal fibroblasts
Deok-Ho Kim Univ WashingtonMicroenvironmental regulation of stem cell function and tissue regeneration
Senyon ChoeSalk Institute & UCSDEngineering Body Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) and their clinical potentials
Advances in Neuroscience
Eunjoon Kim KAISTSynaptic scaffoding protein, NMDA receptor function, and autism spectrum disorders
Se-Young Choi Seoul National UnivSynaptic role of mild mental retardation related factor, Cereblon
Alfredo KirkwoodJohns Hopkins Univ Neuromodulation of cortical plasticity
Hee Jung ChungUniv Illinois-Urbana-ChampaignThe role of KCNQ channels in epilepsy and homeostatic plasticity
Hey-Kyoung LeeJohns Hopkins Univ Experience-dependent homeostatic plasticity of inhibitory synapses
Cell cycle and Cancer
Wallace MarshallUCSFPatterning centriole assembly in Stentor
Kunsoo RheeSeoul National UnivSpindle Pole Formation and Disintegration during Mitosis
Kyung S. Lee NIH/NCIPolo-like kinase 4 and 1: From centrosome duplication to mitotic control
Dongmin KangEwah Womans UniversityControl of the pericentrosomal H2O2 level by peroxiredoxin I Is critical for mitotic progression
Kyungjae Myung NIH/NHGRIIdentification of a potential chemotherapeutic agent to treat lynch syndrome tumors
Advances in Translational Research
Sihoun HahnSeattle Children's Hospital, University of WashingtonPrecision Medicine through Next-Generation Sequencing Raising the bar for education, training and practice
Jung-Min LeeNIH/NCITargeting DNA damage repair and cell cycle pathways in womens cancers
Joo Ha HwangUniversity of Washington Sch MedPotential applications of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) in the treatment of pancreatic cancer
W. Ray KimStanford University School of MedicineDirect Acting Antivirals for HCV: A triumph in the making for translational research
Chang Ho SeoUniversity of TokyoBiofunctional Surfaces with Nano- and Micro-topographic Cues to Promote Osteogenic Differentiation and Focal Adhesion Maturation
Epigenetic regulation in development, disease and more
Seunghee Lee Seoul National UnivUTX, a histone H3-lysine 27 demethylase, acts as a critical switch to activate the cardiac developmental program
Jaehoon Kim KAISTHow to write histone H3K4 methyl mark on chromatin
Soo-Kyung LeeOHSUEzh2, a histone H3-lysine 27 methyltransferase, functions as an epigenetic timer to coordinate the timely differentiation of oligodendrocytes
Inhyun ParkYale UnivDynamic change in X Chromosome Status in Reprogramming
Hee-Woong LimUniv PennGenome-wide analysis of enhancer-RNA transcription reveals regulatory mechanisms by an anti-diabetic drug in adipocyte
Drug Discovery and Development
Yun H. Choe Lucas & Mercanti, LLPPatent Talk, Patent and Drug Discovery and Development-after AIA
K. Stephen SuhJT Cancer Center, HUMCCirculating Tumor Cells in Hodgkin Lymphoma and Prognostic Biomarkers: New Windows for Precision Drugs
Yosup RewAmgenDiscovery of AMG 232, a small molecule MDM inhibitor for treating cancer
Danny Joh BioMarinA Case Study on Clinical Development of a Kinase Inhibitor: A Brief History of Iressa
Wooseok HanNovartisStructure Guided Optimization of Novel, Selective, and Orally Bioavailable Inhibitors of PIM Kinases
Heemin RheeHealth Research InternationalScientific Innovation, Regulatory Expeditious Review, and Cost Effectiveness for Drug Discovery and Development