Chemical Engineering (CHE) Symposium

The Chemical Engineering Symposium is designed to provide a forum for leading experts and young researchers to present and discuss recent advances in Chemical Engineering and related fields. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: catalysis for energy and environment, carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage, bio-fuels and bio-chemicals, advanced materials for separation and energy conversion/storage, and computational modeling of chemical processes. Do not miss the opportunity to meet and discuss the latest cutting-edge research in those rapidly evolving fields with prominent scientific leaders.

Current Session Titles (As of 2/28)
Emerging topics in Biochemical Engineering
CO2 capture and conversion

Gyeong Soon Hwang
University of Texas, Austin
Co-Chair   Co-Chair

Ah-Hyung Park
Columbia University
Jungbae Kim
Korea University
Keynote Speakers
Gyeong HwangUniversity of Texas at AustinComputational Design of Silicon-based Nanomaterials for Lithium Ion Batteries
Jungbae KimKorea UniversityNanobiocatalysis for Carbon Capture and Utilization
Ah-Hyung Alissa ParkColumbia UniversitySustainable Conversion of Carboneous Materials to Liquid Fuels with Integrated in-situ Carbon Sequestration
Invited Speakers
Tae-Jun ParkEffects of gasification reactivity by temperature
Kyuwan LeeIntel CorporationQuantitative Imaging of the Single Molecular Isoforms In Vivo
Yong-Hoon KimKAISTFunctionalized Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes for Novel Device Applications: An Ab Initio Study
Jeong Woo HanUniversity of SeoulSurface Modification and Functionalizing for Asymmetric Interfaces
Hyungjun KimKAISTToward efficient electrochemical conversion of CO2: catalyst design accelerated by simulation-based screening
Seung Soon JangGeorgia Insititute TechnologyFirst-Principles Modeling Approach towards Quinone-Derivatives for Li ion battery: Effect of Molecular Architecture on Electrochemical Properties
Hyungchul HamKISTThe Role of Samarium (Sm) 4f and Samarium-perturbed O 2p States in Enhancing Sulfur Tolerance on Sm-doped Cerium Oxide (CeO2)
Yunhee JangGISTMolecular modeling of CO2 Capture by Amine Solvents
Yusung JungKAISTDensity Functional Predictions of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Hydrocarbon Separations using Porous Solids
Sangkyu Kwak Ulsan Sci & Technol UnivMolecular Simulation Study of Sorption Mechanism of CO2 on Li4SiO4
Jihan KimKAISTComputational Screening of CO2 and Water Adsorption in Zeolites
Yves LansacUniversity of ToursCoarse-grained simulation of DNA bundle formation
Su HaWashington State UnivHigh performance molybdenum dioxide (MoO2)-based anode for dodecane-fueled SOFCs
Hyung Joon ChaPOSTECHCarbohydrate Chip-based Specific Detection of Vibrio cholerae
Hyun Gyu ParkKAISTNovel biosensing strategies based on the specific interactions between biomolecules and metal ions
Min-Gon KimGISTLab-on-a-Paper Technology for Smart Biosensing and Diagnosis
Man Bock GuKorea UnivInnovations on Aptamer Science and Engineering for Ultrasensitive Biosensing
Jae-Chul PyunYonsei UnivAutodisplay Technology for Biosensor Applications
Gyoo Yeol JungPOSTECHHigh resolution CE-SSCP combined with MLPA for multiplex genetic analysis
Hyun Joon KongUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSelf-Assembled Nanoparticles for Vascular Imaging
Young Jik WonUniversity of California at IrvineMulti-functional Nanomedicine for Synergistic Biomedical Applications
Hyun Seob SongPNNLIntegrative Framework for Genome-Scale Dynamic Metabolic Modeling
Younjin MinUniversity of ArkronDirect Investigation of Adhesion, Domains, Miscibility and Equilibrium in Asymmetric Myelin Membrane
Joonil SeogUniversity of MarylandTBA
Ilsoon LeeMichigan State UnivNanoshear enhanced biochemical degradation process of nanostructured biomass for biofuels and materials production
Sung Gap ImKAISTVarious device applications using vapor deposited polymer films
Yonghwan KimKwangwoon UnivEnzymatic CO2 Reduction to Produce Formate
Sungho YoonKookmin UnivWater-soluble Rhodium Complexes for Regeneration of NADH with Elevated Catalytic Turnover Frequency
Kwang Deog JungKISTPreparation of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate using HCl and NaOH from NaCl electrolysis
Shelly MinteerUniversity of UtahBioelectrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
Ping WangUniversity of MinnesotaCell Free Biosynthesis for Conversion of Carbon Dioxide
Tae Seok SeoKAISTNanowire-assisted high-throughput gene delivery into microalgal cells
Noo Li JeonSeoul National UniversityMonitoring and Quantification of Lipid Droplet Accumulation in Microalgae using Microfluidics
Arum HanTexas A&MDroplet Microfluidics based High-throughput Screening of Algal Strains
Sang Jun SimKorea UniversityMultiscale Strategies for Efficient Conversion of CO2 using Microalgae
Berend SmitUniversity of California at BerkeleyComputational carbon capture
Roger AinesLLNLActive CO2 Reservoir Management for Carbon Storage
Sunho ChoiNortheastern UniversityTBA
Jae Woo LeeKAISTConversion of Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Monoxide using Manganese