Chemistry (CHM) Symposium

Chemistry has been crucial to the ever rapidly advancing modern technology and novel material developments in molecular and nano length scale. Life Science has blossomed at the interface between chemistry, biology, and medicine. Energy harvesting, conversion, and storage have been the recent focal points of materials chemistry. Chemical synthesis and catalysis are the center of the design and development of the material world. As such, chemistry has been truly multidisciplinary and essential in our daily life. This symposium aims to shed light on the recent developments and future perspectives of chemical science by bringing in experts from the US and Korea. The symposium consists of the following four sessions; 1. Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis, 2. Chemistry for Bio and Medicine, 3. Chemistry for Energy and Environment, and 4. Chemistry of Electronics and Devices.
Current Session Titles (As of 2/28)
Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis
Chemistry for Bio and Medicine
Chemistry for Energy and Environment
Chemistry of Electronics and Devices

Jinsang Kim
University of Michigan
Co-Chair   Co-Chair

Ohyun Kwon
University of California, Los Angeles
Dal-Hee Min
Seoul National University