Food, Agriculture and Nutrition (FAN) Symposium

Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition (FAN) Symposium offers professionals in the Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition fields a multidisciplinary platform to learn about the latest scientific advances from academic, government, and industrial leaders. The symposium covers all areas of foods, agricultural products, and nutrition. Specifically, the symposium focuses on: (1) scientific information on food science including functional food, food processing, food quality, safety and regulation, food nanotechnology, and other emerging food technologies; (2) scientific information and development in agriculture including agronomy, insect science, forestry, plant and animal sciences, and other agricultural areas; and (3) advances in nutrition, mechanistic understanding of nutrient actions on human health, and prevention and treatment of various disease conditions including obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and many other disorders using nutritional approaches. The symposium is a great opportunity to communicate latest advances in science and technology as well as public health policies involving food, agriculture and nutrition, and stimulate collaboration between participants from US and Korea in this subject area.

Current Session Titles (As of 2/28)
Molecular and Biochemical Nutrition
Clinical and Community Nutrition
Diets and Recommendations
Animal Foods
Plant Foods
Functional Foods
Food Safety and Regulation
Food Processing and Product Development

Hee-Yong Kim
National Institutes of Health
Co-Chair   Co-Chair

Sung Woo Kim
North Carolina State University
Eunok Choe
Inha University