Physics (PHY) Symposium

The Physics Symposium would bring together world leading scientists and young researchers in various fields of Physics from across the U.S. and Korea. This meeting will serve as a timely event for completion of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) and progress of the Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP) as part of the International Science & Business Belt (ISBB) in Korea as well as for collaboration with the Facility of Rare Isotope Beam (FRIB) and other physics facilities in US. Topics include but not limited to High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics, Laser-Matter Interaction Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Nonlinear and Quantum Optics, Biophysics, Condensed Matter and Semiconductor Physics.

Current Session Titles (As of 2/28)
High Energy and Nuclear Physics
Optics and Plasma Physics
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Space and Astrophysics
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Quantum Informatics

Chueng-Ryong Ji
North Carolina State University
Co-Chair   Co-Chair

Eun-Suk Seo
University of Maryland
Bum-Hoon Lee
Sogang University
Keynote Speakers
Chueng-Ryong JiNorth Carolina State UniversityCurrent Status and Future Trends of Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Bum Hoon LeeSogang UniversityTBA
Eun-Suk SeoUniversity of MarylandParticle Astrophysics Experiments on the International Space Station
Session Chairs
Jaehoon YuUniversity of Texas at ArlingtonT1: High Energy and Nuclear Physics I
Sungwon LeeTexas Technical UniversityT2: High Energy and Nuclear Physics II
Kiyoung KimUniversity of MarylandT3: Optics and Plasma Physics
Harold KimGeorgia Institute of TechnologyT4: Biophysics
Eun-Gook MoonUniversity of California at Santa BarbaraT5: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Eun-Suk SeoUniversity of MarylandT6: Space and Astrophysics
Na Young KimStanford UniversityT7: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Jungsang KimDuke UniversityT8: Quantum Informatics
Invited Speakers
Kyung-Chul Kong University of KansasFrom Dark Matter to the LHC and Beyond
Un-Ki YangSeoul National UniversityTBA
Sungwon LeeTeaxs Tech UniversityTBA
Youngkee KimUniversity of ChicagoTBA
Byung-Sik HongKorea UniversityTBA
Haiyan GaoDuke UniversityTBA
Yeong Duk Kim IBS, KoreaThe Status and Future Trends in Dark Matter Search Experiments
Hae Ja LeeSLACExploring materials in extreme conditions using LCLS hard x-ray free electron laser
Hye-Sook ParkLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryIgnition and high energy density science on National Ignition Facility
Donghoon KukUniversity of Texas, AustinLaser Driven Protons Acceleration with the Ultra-Short and High-Intense Circularly Polarized Pulse with Thin Target
Joon JangSUNY Binghamton Strong nonlinear optical properties of novel chalcogenides: Cases for Li2CdGeS4 and MoS2
Ki-Yong KimUniversity of MarylandIntense Terahertz Generation via Filamentation and Real-Time Imaging
Suckjoon JunUCSDDiffusion Mechanics of MutS during DNA Mismatch Repair
Sun Hae HongPOSTECHCaulobacter chromosome in vivo configuration matches model predictions for a supercoiled polymer in a cell-like confinement
Harold KimGeorgia TechHow DNA breathing influences DNA bendability
Youngho SeoUC San FranciscoInterrogating cancer by quantitative molecular imaging
Hongki MinSeoul National UniversitySingle-particle and collective properties of multilayer graphene from the wavefunction rotation method
Hosub Jin Seoul National UniversitySpin-orbital entangled Jeff states in 4d and 5d transition metal systems
Suk-Bum ChungSeoul National UniversityHall conductivity in the normal and topological superconductor phase of the Rashba system
Myung Joon Han KAISTElectronic structure, superconductivity, and magnetism in nickelate superlattices
Eun-Gook MoonUCSBExotic phases in spin-orbit coupled correlated electron systems
Peter H. YoonUniversity of MarylandNonlinear plasma processes in space
Jeonghee RhoSETI Institute&NASA Ames Research CenterElements, Molecules and Dust from Supernovae in Early Universe and Supernova cosmology
Ho Jung PaikUniversity of MarylandNew Low-Frequency Gravitational Wave Detector with Superconducting Instrumentation
Taeil BaiStanford UniversityScience vs Antiscience
Yun-Shik LeeOregon State UniversityTerahertz Control of Semiconductor Quantum Wells and Microcavity
Yonuk ChongKRISSDevelopment of superconducting qubit system
Seung Sae HongStanford UniversityElectronic Transport in Topological Insulator Nanostructures
Men Young LeeStanford UnviersityEmergent Kondo Effect in the Surface 2-D Electron System on Strontium Titanate
Na Young KimStanford UniversityBeauty and Wonder in Exciton-Polariton Quantum Simulators
Taeyoung ChoiUniversity of MarylandScalable Quantum Computation and Simulation in Trapped ions using Optimal Control of Multimode Couplings
Dohun KimUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonQuantum Control and Process Tomography of a Semiconductor Quantum Dot Hybrid Qubit
Jaewan KimKIASQuantum Communication Network of Qudit Coherent State
Kihwan KimTsinghua UniversityExperimental Test of Quantum Principles with Trapped Ion System
Taehyun KimSK TelecomDevelopment of Quantum Key Distribution and Repeater System at SK Telecom
Hanhee PaikRaytheon BBN/IBMQuantum Information Processing with Superconducting Qubits