travel support Application
Travel Support Application / Reimbursement Process

All participants who seek for travel support are required to submit application and reimbursement form by the following deadlines.

Travel support is only available to UKC2014 presenters (oral/poster) with KSEA membership

Transportation: Up to $300
- $300 if the travel distance one way is more than 1,500 miles
- $200 if between 750 and 1,500 miles
- $100 if less than 750 miles
Travel by a personal vehicle: $0.50 per mile, up to the maximum airfare for a round-trip.

Travel Support Application Form

* Anyone who can get a full reimbursement of the travel expense from any institution is not eligible.
Requirements before applying for the travel grant

1. You must update your KSEA Membership information as follows:
- Visit for login.
- Enter your KSEA username and password
- Click My Profile on the tab and update Personal, Work, Education, Publication, Experience, KSEA Experience and Award Information.

2. Please submit the signed application via email, fax, or mail by July 31, 2014
(Closed Now)

3. Supporting documents needed for reimbursement after making a trip:
Signed travel reimbursement form with all necessary receipts by August 31, 2014.
Travel Reimbursement

All participants seeking for travel reimbursement are required to submit travel reimbursement form. Please note that KSEA members who submitted their travel support application by 7/31 are eligible for reimbursement.