Intellectual Property (IP) and Industry Forum

The Intellectual Property (IP) Forum will provide presentation sessions about a new role of IP in the era of Creative Economy and about how to lead the rapidly-growing world IP market with a strategic cooperation between US and Korea.  This year, the IP Forum will jointly host sessions with Industry Forum and Young Generation and Professional Forum (YGPF).  Sessions will focus on various topics including roles of IP in our technology driven modern society, an overview of intellectual property in general, and different perspectives from the industry and/or universities or institutes.  The sessions are designed to provide a gentle introduction, but an insightful view on the intellectual property to provide a deeper understanding of the intellectual property.

August 11 Thursday, 1:30-3:00, TBD
Chair:  Paul T. Lee (President of KORUSIP)
Time Title and Authors
1:30 PM World Patent Disputes and Implications on R&D
2:00 PM Introduction to Intellectual Property Sungyong In
2:30 PM Stories from Industry/Universities and Institutes/Venture Capitals