Electrical, Electronics and Communications Symposium (EEC)

The ElectricalElectronics, and Computer Engineering (EEC) technical track addresses recent advances in a wide variety of disciplines of the Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering field with a focus on emerging technologies and novel applications. With the success of the global Internet and the increasing importance of wireless mobile communications, this symposium will provide a platform to introduce latest innovations as well as showcase applications enabled by these technologies. This symposium brings together scientists and engineers from the US and Korea, promoting the opportunity for technical information exchange and research collaboration between these two vibrant communities.

The topics of interest, but not limited to, include:
• Advanced Power Electronics
• Biomedical Devices and Systems
• Cellular and Broadband Wireless Network
• Cloud Computing and Virtualization
• Cognitive Radios & Software Defined Radios
• Communication and Information Theory
• Computer Network & Cyber Security
• Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition
• Cyber-Physical Systems
• Distributed and Networked Control
• Electronic Devices, Circuits, and Systems
• Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
• Energy Harvesting & Wireless Power Transmission
• Internet of Things
• Multimedia Systems
• Nano/Micro Devices and Systems
• Robotics
• Signal and Image Processing
• Optics, and Optical Communications
• Real-time and Embedded Systems
• Renewable Energy, and Smart Energy Grid
• Sensor Devices and Sensor Networks


Jeong-Bong Lee ✉

University of Texas at Dallas


Ken Choi ✉

Illinois Institute of Technology


Tom Oh ✉

Rochester Institute of Technology


James Jungho Park

Korea University