Bio, Medical and Pharmaceutical Symposium (BMP)

Biomedical sciences has greatly enhanced our understanding of molecular and cellular mechanisms underpinning various aspects of living organisms in health and disease. Many of the outstanding questions in biomedical research call for interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists in basic science, clinical medicine, and pharmaceutical sciences.  Accordingly, the goal of BMP symposium is to present the latest advances in biological, medical, and pharmaceutical sciences, to facilitate mutual understanding of these rapidly advancing fields, and to foster collaboration across the disciplines. As a part of the Emerging Technology Program, we will focus on introducing latest developments in not only biomedical principles but technologies to enrich our understanding. This year our symposium is designed to cover topics ranging from basic biology to translational science to clinical medicine. Accordingly, the number of sessions of the symposium is increased compared to previous years covering genome editing, systems biology and bioinformatics, RNA biology, cardiovascular science, cancer, immunology, neuroscience, stem cell research, and drug discovery. I believe that this BMP symposium will offer an invaluable opportunity for a wide range of scientists, engineers, and physicians to broaden their perspectives and to facilitate collaboration among participants.


Young-Sup Yoon ✉

Emory University


Inhyun Park ✉

Yale University


Young-Geun Kwon ✉

Yonsei University


Yun Soo Bae ✉

Ewha University