Government Research Policy and Regulation Symposium (GRPR)

Government research policy and regulation are as important as R&D investment in science innovation and industrial translation. The objective of the GRPR Symposium is to discuss the government strategy to harness national innovation system in ‘New Normal’ economy. This symposium consists of two sessions: GRPR-1 session covers the role of education and R&D in national innovation system; GRPR-2 session presents healthcare R&D policy that is tightly connected with government regulation system to achieve effective translation of the research output into industrial innovation.

In GRPR-1 session both Dr. Doh-Yeon Kim, President of POSTECH University, and Professor Ramon E. Lopez of University of Texas, a space physicist and author, will speak about science and technology (S&T) education for the future generation. President Kim will speak about S&T education for preparing the next half century, emphasizing on the innovation in engineering school system, and Dr. Lopez will speak about university science faculty and the preparation of the next generation of science teachers. The GRPR-1 session will run as a forum rather than a regular symposium. The session consists of two talks and several panel presentations, followed by discussion time to hear opinion from the floor.
In GRPR-2 session, Professor Tae Hyun Park of Seoul National University and Chairman Kyung Sun of Osong Medical Innovation Foundation in Korea, will introduce the public R&D strategy for bio-healthcare ecosystem in Korea. Professor Peter Kang of Harvard University will speak about the US government’s efforts to foster public-private partnership. In the latter part of the session, we will compare the US healthcare regulation systems and that of Korea to get an informative acumen on the ideal healthcare regulation system. Professor Gyu Ha Ryu will suggest a proactive approach in regulation system for the future healthcare industry in Korea, and Dr. Hae Young Ahn of FDA will speak about the US FDA’s role in drug development and regulation. Finally, CEO Young Kim will compare regulation systems on medical device development in the US and Korea.
Through the symposium we intend to share ideas to improve government strategies of S&T education, R&D investment, industrial promotion, and balanced regulation in the US and Korea.


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