Energy, Transportation and Cybersystems (ETC)

The symposium addresses all aspects of the engineering and applied sciences in the following areas: 

  • Energy Sources and Power Plants (variety of fuel alternatives including syngas, fuel cell, power plant technologies, nuclear power, wind energy, solar energy, gas turbine, etc.)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems and Sustainability (sustainable transportation systems, case studies in transportation, environmental impacts of different transportation systems, etc.)
  • Cyber Physical Systems (any systems of collaborating computational elements controlling physical entities such as IT applications in vehicle design)

Each area will bring together the best and brightest experts from both US and Korea to share the latest technology, research and development, and application.   It offers a prestigious opportunity to publish in the technical conference and interface with experts from all facets of the sectors: Government, academia and industry.  The symposium will cover a wide spectrum of cutting-edge technologies under each area in a multidisciplinary way in order to find novel solutions across the expertise.


Duckjoo Yang ✉

The University of Texas at Dallas


Brian Park ✉

University of Virginia


Hyung Chul Ham ✉