Global Climate Change Symposium (GCC)

The use of fossil energy generates greenhouse gases (GHG) which is known to be the major contributor to the global climate change (GCC). If left unchecked they will eventually lead to the destruction of planet earth. The urgency surrounding this situation is clear and present. We need more fundamental research and faster development of cleaner energy sources. This will require various and globally concerted efforts in capturing, storing, and converting of the GHG, exploration of new renewable energy sources, waste energy conversion into electric power, and fundamental research to harness the enormous energy potential sources. This open international symposium on “Global Climate Change and the Path to Solutions” will bring together a collection of investigators who are at the forefront of their areas, and will provide opportunities for scientists, engineers, graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers to present their work and exchange ideas with leaders in the field. The scientific topics to be discussed at this international symposium are on the next page. 

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Yong Nak Lee ✉

Heat Transfer Research & Development, LTD


Lee Ki-woo ✉

President of KIER


Burt Lee ✉

American Chemical Society


Kinney H. Kim ✉

North Carolina Central University