Global Climate Change Symposium (GCC) — continued

Topics include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Energy conservation and efficiency improvements
    2. Energy technologies including solid state power generation, wind, Ocean, etc.
    3. The following six climate change mitigation technologies:
      [a] Solar Cell; [b] Fuel Cell; [c] Bio-energy; [d] Rechargeable battery;[e] Power IT(EMS, smart grid, renewable hybrid system); [f] CCUS.
    4. Climate control agreements declared by the United Nations
    5. Underlying scientific backgrounds on climate changes

Notes to the potential presenters of Papers

    1. All presenters of the papers to be considered for presentation on the topics in the scope of the items shown in (3) above are required to submit one page abstract to UKC-2016 through appropriate procedures specified.
    2. Those presenters who submit papers covering topics listed in the six climate change mitigation technologies of Items in (3) may have the opportunity to be funded through the screening process by KIER. Funding level is up to 100M KRW for 2017 KIER International joint project.

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