+ Small & Medium Business Solutions (SMB Workshop)

All representatives of Korean SMB businesses which are currently related or contemplating on starting up new business in global climate change issues are invited to partipating in this Workshop, where SMB Committee will provide the SMB partipants with free consulting in technical as well as other issues such as export opportunities, collaboration with scientists and engineers in America.
All participants are invited to submit specific areas of interest.  Then, SMB Committee will make arrangements to prepare for face-to-face meetings per the specific areas with specialists in America. No expenses are involved in Korean SMB representatives.  All SMB participants are privileged to attend all sessions and forums in UKC-2016.

Please send any questions addressed to:
Dr. Yong Nak Lee, Chair
KSEA SMB Committee
e-mail: ynlee@htrdltd.com
Tel:    1-847-577-5967
Fax:   1-847-577-4229


Yong Nak Lee ✉

Heat Transfer Research & Development, LTD


Kinney H. Kim ✉

North Carolina Central University


Thomas H. Hahn


Nak-Ho Sung


Burt Lee ✉

American Chemical Society


Gyeong Sun Hwang

University of Texas, Austin