Computational Science and Engineering

Advances in Quantum and High Performance Computing

Chair: Jungsang Kim
Schiciano Family Distinguished Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University

High performance computing is at the heart of modern technology, enabling computational sciences, artificial intelligence and information technology. Customized computational resources are deployed in hybrid high performance computers to support optimized execution of critical tasks. Quantum computers provide a promise for tackling challenging problems that are intractable using conventional computational capabilities. This symposium will discuss advances in high performance computing, and explore the future trends enabled by quantum computing in hybrid HPC environment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber Security

Chair: Tom Oh
School of Information, Rochester Institute of Technology
The impact of the industrial and digital (information) revolutions has, undoubtedly, been a substantial advancement in our industry, social media, and e-commerce.  In addition, AI and cybersecurity have impacted extensive changes and breakthroughs affecting all aspects of our society and life.    This results in a richly interconnected organization with decision-making using machine learning and exploiting “big” data in a safe and secure environment.  Now, consumers can buy goods, and businesses can obtain services from anywhere in the world using the Internet and exploiting the unlimited possibilities using the widespread usage of AI and cybersecurity inventions.  The highly selected speakers will share their perspectives on AI and cybersecurity advancements, research, industry, and challenges in this session.  Also, they will share the future trends in their area of expertise.