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August 11-15, 2010 @ Seattle, WA
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Dr. Joon-hyun Lee

President, (Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaulation and Planning)

Dr. Joon-hyun Lee is the first President, Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) since May 2009, when the Korean government launched the Framework Act on Energy. As part of the government plans to effectively restructure the public agencies, KETEP was established with the purpose of developing, implementing and evaluation effective national R&D strategies and programs for innovative energy technologies. During his presidency, KETEP has funded a wide range of energy research projects totaling to 700 million USD annually.

Dr. Lee is currently an operating committee member for Energy Forum at the National Academy of Engineering of Korea and Low Carbon Green Growth National Forum, an advisor to the Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy, the chair of the Low Carbon Energy Committee at the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies, and a director of the Korea Nuclear Policy Forum.

Prior to presidency, he was a professor in the Mechanical Engineering department at his alma mater Pusan National University from Aug 1990. Before his time as a professor, he was a research scientist at the Center for Quality Engineering & Failure Prevention of the Northwestern University in the U.S. During his tenure, he conducted Brain Korea 21 and World Class University projects. From March 2007 to May 2009, he was chair of the Mechanical Engineering department. Also, he served as a director of Basic Atomic Energy Research Institute and Failure Analysis and Reliability Research Center. Dr. Lee was on Energy Resource Committee of the National Science and Technology Council of Korea and an expert advisor for the National Nuclear Safety Commission of Korea.

Dr. Lee received his PhD and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tohoku University, Japan, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pusan National University, South Korea. He is the author of more than 490 academic publications including 96 international academic journals. He has received numerous awards for his significant contribution to scientific research in Korea, particularly in the area of nuclear science, which includes Presidential Award in 2006 for his outstanding achievement in nuclear science.