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President Hosin “David” Lee of KSEA and Dr. Sang-Dai Park of KOFST.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of KSEA
Together with KOFST at the Canyons Resort, August 10-14, 2011


Chair: Hosin “David” Lee (KSEA) Co-Chair: Sang-Dai Park (KOFST)

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of KSEA, together with KOFST, join us with your family and friends at Park City, Utah. It is just 30-minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport, a gateway to several national parks including Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the USA. The Canyons Resort with one to four bedroom luxurious condos and world-class conference and leisure facilities, is exclusively reserved for UKC 2011.

As we have reached a great milestone of 40 years, the theme of UKC 2011 is the US-Korea Summit on Science and Engineering that would showcase a culmination of successful US-Korea cooperative research efforts in all areas of science and engineering. The informal welcoming dinner will be served on August 10 at the Red Pine Café on top of the gondola and, in the morning of August 11, the celebration starts with the KSEA’s 40th anniversary ceremony with invited dignitaries and guests followed by the sponsor dinner with a nationally acclaimed comedian. You can enjoy a relaxed evening time on your own on August 12 while attending the outdoor pop/semi-classic concert by the Utah Symphony on the hills of Deer Valley. The closing ceremony will be held during the award dinner on August 13 followed by the most wonderful Billboard Hot idol group in our generation at the outdoor forum. Post-conference activities will include the presidential tennis and golf tournaments and an organized overnight trip to Yellowstone national park leaving on August 14.

You can also visit the 2002 Utah Winter Olympic Park and enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, rafting, fly fishing, camping, hiking, and hot-air ballooning. Please come to Utah to learn about the cutting-edge technologies from US and Korea, win one of 13 poster awards, get a job at the job fair, renew bonds with your colleagues, make new friends, and, together with your family, enjoy Utah’s stunning nature.