Comments from UKC 2011 Participants

Congratulations for your wonderful work organizing, funding and inviting so many wonderful speakers.
I have been to KSEA meetings for over 10+ years every few years since early 90’s, and this one was by far the most quality program with the best set of invitees I have seen. I could feel a great deal of positive enthusiasm and young energy among KSEA folks too.
A fantastic job you did indeed – congrats again !!

Congratulate in organizing a very successful UKC-2011! The technical program, including the plenary session, was very excellent, and I really enjoyed a lot. I also enjoyed the social program and your hospitality. Many people talked to me that it was the best UKC meeting which they had attended.
This year’s UKC was my 5th KSEA conference and I could say that it was the best!! Thank you very much for everything. I was in love with the resort, programs, and people there!! I was able to see how much effort was put there. It was truly amazing!! – The father of YG and YGTLC hosted a conference! What more to say? He was AWESOME!!! Thank you for making the conference so wonderful!!

Congratulations on putting on a great conference. Had a blast! Look forward to next year..

I would like to express my gratitude again for all your effort to organize such a good session.
I enjoyed all the presentations and indeed learned a lot in the area of health issues connected with genetics. The meeting was just incredible.
Congratulations on the great success of UKC-2011! I believe every participant enjoyed and satisfied all the excellent programs as well as entertaining activities.
I sincerely thank you for your hard work to make the UKC 2011 successful.
The UKC 2011 was a great show; impressive, entertaining and technically challenging. Your warm mid-west hospitality has made us to enjoy every moment in Utah.
The award in KSEA is a great honor for me and my school.
Everyone had such a blast, and great time! Thank you for your support, guidance, and passion for YG.
Congratulations on a successful conference, Mr. President! =). Everyone is saying it was the best UKC ever.
I agree. the best UKC ever!