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SK Innovation is looking for researchers and experts who have knowledge and experience in the promising future technologies. This will be a great opportunity initiating future cooperation between Korean-American Scientists and SK Innovation.
◆   Objective
      1. Building an expert pool for technical consulting and co-research
      2. Recruiting global talents
◆   Qualification
      Korean/Korean-American Scientists and Engineers (Professors, Researchers, Post-doc, Graduate students)
 ◆   Research Areas:  Unlimited but focus areas are “Energy and Materials”
      1. Energy: New and renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Energy storage and Resource development.
      2. Materials:  Energy materials, Information and electronic materials, Electric vehicle materials, Water treatment materials and Biomedical materials.
 ◆   Procedure and Schedule
      1. Submit “Resume & One-page research outline” to by June 19, 2011
      2. SK Innovation will invite selected persons to UKC2011 after reviewing all documents submitted. An appointment will be set up for an individual interview during UKC 2011 (selected individuals will be notified by June 24, 2011)
 ◆   Benefits
      Registration fee (US$ 500.00) for UKC2011 will be waived for all interviewees selected by SK Innovation
◆   Contact: Judy Kim, Manager, SK innovation (

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