It is our great pleasure to announce the 2015 US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship (UKC 2015), jointly organized by the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) and The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST). UKC 2015 will be held between July 29 and August 1, 2015 in the beautiful Hyatt Regency Atlanta on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The theme of UKC 2015 is "Pursuing Excellence with a Servant's Heart" and its goal is to promote the spirit of service in pursuing technical excellence by exemplifying those who have led such a life of service.

Richard Kim

UKC 2015 Chair and
KSEA 44th President
Distinguished University Professor, North Carolina State University

Boo-Sup Lee

UKC 2015 Co-Chair
and KOFST President

We are excited to announce twelve symposia for UKC 2015. World-class researchers will share their knowledge and experience, covering a wide range of most science and engineering areas. The presentations and discussions in these symposia will surely give participants excellent direction regarding future research in their respective fields.

The other backbone component of UKC 2015 is a group of named forums that are designed to meet the specific needs of sponsors who will provide opportunities to develop state-of-the-art research ideas and proposals, panel meetings of top-quality experts in the sponsors' areas of interest, and inputs to the sponsors' research programs from independent experts, to name a few examples. UKC 2015 is expected to draw over 1,300 outstanding scientists, engineers, professors, high-ranking government officials, industry executives, and policy-makers from both the US and Korea. The named forums will provide excellent opportunities for these scientists and engineers from both countries to exchange ideas and develop avenues for networking and research collaboration beyond UKC 2015.

Another unique feature of UKC 2015 is that we will highlight the spirit of our theme, "Pursuing Excellence with a Servant's Heart," by having KSEA members with artistic abilities share their talents with us at various occasions during UKC 2015. These performances and shows will enliven the spirit of the conference and allow us all to enjoy seeing a different side to our scientific, business, or academic lives.

In addition to the technical excellence of the UKC 2015 programs and enriching environment of the conference, downtown Atlanta provides excellent sightseeing opportunities for conference participants and their families to enjoy. The World of Coca Cola, CNN Center, Georgia Aquarium, and College Football Hall of Fame are only a few blocks away from the conference venue. Thursday dinner at the Georgia Aquarium will be a memorable event for the participants to cherish for years to come.

All of these excellent programs could not be developed without a group of strong, dedicated leaders with servants' hearts. Our sincere thanks go to the members of the Executive Committee, Program Committee including Symposium Chairs and Co-Chairs, the Local Arrangement Committee, Sponsor Program Committee, and the IT and Website Committee.

We welcome your participation and look forward to seeing you at UKC 2015!

Youngsoo Richard Kim
UKC 2015 Chair and KSEA 44th President
Distinguished University Professor, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA

Boo-Sup Lee
UKC 2015 Co-Chair and KOFST President