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Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

The Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST) and the US National Academy of Science (NAS) will hold "The 7th Frontier Scientists Workshop" at UKC2015. The workshop is an event to discuss about recent research trends and future plans to exchange most recent and advanced technologies. We bring together both outstanding young and senior scientists to discuss exciting advances and opportunities. We have set a specific topic "Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage" this year. Total of fifteen renowned and uprising professionals will be invited to give a talk. Among them, five will be selected by KAST, five by KSEA, and five by US NAS. We cordially invite all of you who are interested in the subject.

11 Recently, advanced hybrid materials are emerging to provide solutions for the problems raised in energy conversion and storage, those which are essential due to the global warming and the shortage of natural resources like oil and gas.

Nanohybrid is composed of two major materials with two different physico-chemical functions and/or biological ones, for examples, advanced hybrid solar cell consisted of UV responsive semiconductor and Vis harvesting one. Such nanohybrids could demonstrate unique property completely different from intrinsic one expected from individual materials, or synergic property due to the combinations of two different properties. In this Frontier Scientists Workshop, the state of the art, discovery and prospect for hybrid solar cells will be discussed in detail. In addition, a new strategy in designing energy devices based on nanohybrid materials will be highlighted. Should you have any questions, please contact Lyunhae Kim.

Lyunhae Kim (Ms.)
International Cooperation Team
The Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)
E-mail: lhkim@kast.or.kr