• Parking is available at Hyatt Regency Atlanta. Prevailing parking rate will apply.
• Currently, overnight valet parking is $25.00** with "in and out'' privileges.
• Hotel parking (indoor valet) with in/out privileges. (There is no self-service parking available.)
• The charges are as follows:

0-1 hour $ 10.00
1-2 hours $14.00
2-4 hours $18.00
4-6 hours $24.00
6-24 hours $32.00

Additional Parking - Should our underground lot become full, additional parking is located at 31 Baker Street, located ½ block away from the hotel. The rate is $18 per night for this parking. Vehicles with clearance over 7', oversized vans, Winnebagos and buses cannot be accommodated in hotel parking lot. Local open-air lots can be recommended. Contact Concierge at 404-460-6437. You may also interact with the Hyatt Concierge on Twitter @HyattConcierge

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta will store your packages prior to your arrival. Please observe the following instructions to ensure proper handling of your meeting materials. Each item should be clearly marked with the following:

• Your organization name and/or name of the event
• Hold for arrival 00/00/00
• The name of your organizations on-site contact
• The name of your conference services manager
• C/0 Hyatt Regency Atlanta
• 265 Peachtree Street, NE
• Atlanta, GA 30303

Packages will be accepted up to three days prior to your scheduled event. Please advise your hotel contact of any special arrangements or requirements concerning your materials. The Hotel is not responsible for perishable items.

Shipping Charges: Boxes less than 25 lbs. - $5.00** each + carrier fee (s); Boxes more than 25 lbs. - $10.00** each + carrier fee(s).

Receiving Charges: Boxes less than 25 lbs. - $10.00** each; Boxes 25 lbs. to SO ibs. - $20.00** each; Boxes more than 50 lbs.- $38.00** each; Pallets - $50** each

*No charge (except carrier fees) for envelopes