UKC2015 will focus on basic science, emerging technology and industry technology. Significant research findings, R&D trends, and future prospects of sciences and technologies are solicited in the areas including, but not limited to the following. Click symposiums for more information and contact your symposium chair or co-chairs for inquiries.

Contact Information:

• Program chair: Sung Woo Kim (
• Program co-chair: Eun-Suk Seo (
• Program co-chair: Woo Il Lee (
Basic Science Program
PHY Physics Symposium Chair: Chueng-Ryong Ji (
Co-Chair: Bum-Hoon Lee (
Co-Chair: Jaehoon Yu (
Plenary Speaker: Doochul Kim (
Plenary Speaker: Swan Kim
MST Math/Stat Symposium Chair: Jangwoon Lee (
Co-Chair: Grace Hyun J Kim (
Co-Chair: Dohan Kim (
CHM Chemistry Symposium Chair: Chang Y. Ryu (
Co-Chair: Dong Ha Kim (
Co-Chair: Seung Woo Lee (
Co-Chair: Dong Hee Son (
Industry Technology Program
CHE Chemical Engineering Symposium Chair: Gyeong Soon Hwang (
Co-Chair: Jong Min Lee (
Co-Chair: Hyunmin Yi (
CIT Computer Sciences and Information Technologies Symposium Chair: Minkyong Kim (
Co-Chair: Songkuk Kim (
Co-Chair: Yoonsuck Choe (
FAN Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Symposium Chair: Hee-Yong Kim (
Co-Chair: Youngmo Yoon (
Co-Chair: Mi-Kyung Sung (
MSE Materials Science and Engineering Symposium Chair: Choonkun Park (
Co-Chair: Minseo Park (
Co-Chair: Jiyoung Kim (
MAN Mechanical, Aerospace and Naval Engineering Symposium Chair: Hyoung Jin Cho (
Co-Chair: Joong Myeon Bae (
Co-Chair: Eui-Hyeok Yang (
CEA Civil, Environmental, Architecture Symposium Chair: Byungkyu Brian Park (
Co-Chair: Jae H. Ryu (
Co-Chair: Hyoseob Woo (
EEC Electrical, Electronics and Communications Symposium Chair: Tae (Tom) Oh (
Co-Chair: Joeng Nyeo Kim (
Co-Chair: Kyuwon (Ken) Choi (
Emerging Technology Program
BMP Bio, Medical and Pharmaceutical Symposium Chair: Dong Moon Shin (
Co-Chair: Jong Park (
Co-Chair: In Chul Kim (
CNV Convergence Technology Symposium Chair: Hanjoong Jo (
Co-Chair: Sang Hoon Lee (
Co-Chair: Ho-Wook Jun (
KSEA Forums
YGPF Young Generation and Professional Forum Chair: Phillip Han (
Co-Chair: Jim Hyung Lee
Co-Chair: Jin-Hwa Chun