Biotechnology (BT) Forum

Strategies to Tackle Infectious Diseases and Cancer

3:40-5:40 PM, Friday August 11, 2017 at Roosevelt

Chair: Gyoonhee Han (Yonsei University)
Co-Chair: Ji-Young Min (Institut Pasteur Korea)

Bridging cutting-edge biomedical expertise in the field of infectious diseases and cancer to achieve converged strategies.

   Chair: Gyoonhee Han

   Yonsei University 


   Co-Chair: Ji-Young Min

   Institut Pasteur Korea  



Time  Title, Speaker
3:40 PM Discovery of small molecule PPI inhibitors of Leucyl t-RNA synthetase (LRS) for modulation of m-TOR signaling pathway,
Gyoonhee Han (Yonsei University)
4:10 PM Induced pluripotent stem cells for drug screening and toxicity testing,
Wonhee Lee (Stanford University)
4:40 PM Process excellence in the biological science,
Diana Noah (GlaxoSmithKline)
5:10 PM Emerging respiratory viruses-opportunity for drug discovery in Korea,
Ji-Young Min (Institut Pasteur Korea)

All the speakers in the BT session are the invited speakers supported by KWSE