Civil, Environmental, Architecture (CEA)

The Civil, Environmental, and Architectural (CEA) Engineering Symposium covers a wide range of areas including structures, architectures, transportation, geotechnical, materials, construction, water and environment. The CEA symposium will discuss advances and new technologies that foster sustainability and resilience of civil, environmental, and architectural engineering. The symposium will be composed of five programs: one workshop, two forums, and two sessions. We will have a workshop on “Advanced Technology for Infrastructure Resiliency” where scholars in US and Korea are invited to discuss recent advancements and technologies toward sustainable and resilient infrastructure systems, and two special forums: 1. Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) and 2. Water Engineering with Climate Change (WECC). A general session covering all specific areas in the CEA will be operated in a form of speed talk (5-minute presentation) which is also incorporated with a poster session where more details can be discussed in a more interactive manner.


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