Connected and Automated Vehicle (CEA/CIT/EEC)

As evidenced by Google Driverless cars, Tesla and Uber Cars, automated vehicles are  already here. It is expected commercial automated vehicles are going to be around very soon. A few major challenges are cyber security, safety, human interactions, etc. This session will focus on state of the art research activities involving emerging technologies that could address these challenges on automated vehicles. Our objective is to provide a session that promotes collaborations among researchers from multidisciplinary areas.

Topics include, but not limited to, sensor technology for automated vehicles; cyber security and safety assessment of automated vehicles, human factors under mixed traffic including regular and automated vehicles, etc.

Chairs :

CIT – Yu Seung Kim (Ford Motor Company)
CIT – Guiling Wang (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
CEA – Joyong Lee (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
EEC – Eonsoo Lee (New Jersey Institute of Technology)


August 10, Thursday, 1:20-3:20 PM at Potomac I
CEA/CIT Interdisciplinary Session: Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV-1)

  • 1:20 PM: [Invited] Intelligent Trucking System – Connected and Automated, Sungbok Kwak (FLEETUP)
  • 2:00 PM: An efficient key establishment scheme for VANETs, Kiho Lim (University of South Dakota)
  • 2:20 PM: Speed Harmonization using Optimal Control Algorithm under Mixed Traffic of Automated Vehicles and Human Driven Vehicles, Sungah Hong (University of Virginia)
  • 2:40 PM: An Effects Analysis of Logistics Collaboration: The Case of Pharmaceutical Supplies in Seoul, Dongju Park (University of Seoul)
  • 3:00 PM: Simulation-based Framework for Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Impact Assessment, Joyoung Lee(NJIT)

August 10, Thursday, 3:40-5:40 PM at Potomac II
CEA/CIT Interdisciplinary Session: Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV-1)

  • 3:40 PM: [Invited] Distributed Intersection Management Protocol for Driver™s Safety, Efficiency, and Comport, Guiling Wang (NJIT)
  • 4:20 PM: Study on Infra-less Authentication for Inter-Vehicular Communications, Yu Seung Kim (Ford Motors)
  • 4:40 PM: Integrated Simulation Framework for Evaluating Safety Performance of Connected and Automated Vehicles, Lian Cui (University of Virginia)
  • 5:00 PM: Older Adult Crashes Associated with Roadway Features, Jun-Seok Oh (Western Michigan University)
  • 5:20 PM: Multi-Objective Optimization Framework for Cooperative and Automated Vehicle Platooning, Eonsoo Lee (NJIT)