NST-KIMM-KIER Energy Forum

Date and Time – 13:20-16:40 pm, Fri., Aug. 11, 2017

Location: Kennedy Room

Title: Towards Energy Independent Korea


National Research Council of Science & Technology (NST) along with 25 Government-funded research institutes (GRIs) under its umbrella has contributed to Korea’s STI innovation through convergence and cooperation.

In light of many challenges facing Korea and the world on energy issues, NST and two leading  GRIs – Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) and Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER) – share energy R&D achievements and seek possibilities for Korea’s energy independency in this forum.

Chair: Dr. Jae Ho Yun (Director, New and Renewable Energy Research Div.,KIER)

Time Content Content
13:20-13:40 Welcoming Remarks from NST, KIMM & KIER Dr. Sang Chun Lee (NST Chairman)

Dr. Chunhong Park (KIMM President)

Dr. Byung S. Kwak (KIER President)

13:40-14:10 Introduction of NST, KIMM & KIER
14:10-14:30 Compound Thin Film Solar Cell Technology at KIER Dr. Jihye Gwak

(Principal Researcher & Chief, Photovoltaic Lab., New and Renewable Energy Research Div. KIER)

14:30-14:50 High-efficiency SOFC-engine Hybrid System Development at KIMM Dr. Sangmin Lee

(Principal Researcher & Head, Dept. of Clean Fuel & Power Generation, KIMM)

Construction and Initial Operation of Jincheon Eco-Friendly Energy Town
Dr. Jaehyeok Heo

(Senior Researcher, Solar Thermal Convergence Lab., New and Renewable Energy Research Div., KIER)

Research State for Supercritical CO2 Power Generation System at KIMM
Dr.  Hyun-goo Kim

(Principal Researcher & Chief, New and Renewable Resource Center, New and Renewable Energy Research Div., KIER)

Renewable Energy Resource Map of Korea
Dr. Jeongmin Seo

(Principal Researcher, Dept. of Energy Conversion Systems, KIMM)

Discussion & Wrap-up