KHIDI Forum on Precision Medicine and Biomedical Device Development

Date and Time 1:20-3:20 pm on Friday, August 11, 2017
Location Washington B

This is the second annual Forum supported by KHIDI. This Forum brings together leaders in the field of  precision medicine, medical robotics, cancer technology and preclinical large animal model center in Korea and US. A major goal of this Forum is to highlight current efforts and discuss future directions in developing new drugs and medical device and technology as well as for the role of preclinical studies using non-human primate models in national animal centers.

Chair and Co-Chair


   Hanjoong Jo

   Emory University and Georgia Tech


   Kun Ho Yoon

   Catholic University  



1:20-1:45PM   Welcoming Remarks and Introduction to KHIDI Jeong Kee Hong (KHIDI, General Director)

1:45-2:10PM   Animal model studies in KBIO for drug discovery Byung Hwa Hyun (Director, Lab Animal Center, KBio Osong Medical Innovation Center)

2:10-2:35PM   Precision Medicine Kun Ho Yoon (Catholic University)

2:35-3:00PM  [Invited] Robotic systems and technologies for Surgery and Intervention Jae Soon Choi (Ulsan University)

3:00-3:20PM   Next Generation microFluidic cell Stretcher for cancer diagnosis and drug screening Aram Chung (RPI, KSEA YIG winner)