Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

From the ages of stone, bronze and iron, to the advent of steel and semiconductors, the history of civilization can be described in terms of our increasingly sophisticated mastery of new materials, which we now know as materials science and engineering (MSE). The MSE symposium at UKC 2017 will first focus on both “new materials” with noble and multifunctional properties and applications including energy production, harvesting and storage. Equally important is the “sophisticated mastery” of materials (e.g., processing and manufacturing), which often has been the rate-limiting step, and in some instances, an insurmountable challenge, in implementing new materials for applications. The MSE symposium at UKC 2017 will therefore address transformative technologies critical for innovative device/materials processing and additive manufacturing (e.g., 3-D printing). Fundamental sciences underlying the ”discovery and mastery“ of advanced materials along with technical approaches utilizing computational and interdisciplinary efforts will be highlighted through technical presentations and discussions.

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