Program Structure

Youngkee Kim
Program Co-Chair
University of Chicago
Byungkyu Brian Park
Program Chair
University of Virginia

Preamble: The UKC 2017 Conference will have 12 symposiums organized by KSEA’s Technical Groups, with ample joint symposium sessions co-hosted by two or more symposiums. In order to encourage better interaction opportunities, 2-minute speed talk will be given by each poster presenter. Travel support for graduate student and post-doc presenter will include travel grant.

  • Overall program
    • Three plenary sessions.
    • Up to 12 parallel symposiums assigned to morning sessions.
    • Up to 6 parallel symposiums or forums during afternoon sessions.
    • One poster session on Friday.
  • Symposium sessions
    • Each symposium can have up to 3 flexible sessions (see next bullet) and 2+ joint symposium sessions.
    • Flexible session structure to meet each symposium’s needs (e.g., regular session, workshop, panel, invited paper presentation for journal special issue, invited chapter presentation for tech book).
    • Thursday and Friday morning sessions include “speed talks,” 2-minute oral presentations to highlight posters.
    • Each symposium can have up to 2+ joint symposium sessions to synergize collaboration opportunities for global challenges.
  • Forums
    • Each Forum will address one or more global challenges, including the 9 focus areas identified by MSIP (e.g., Automated Vehicles, Lightweight Materials, Smart City, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Virtual Reality, Precision Medicine, New Drug Development, Carbon Capture and Storage, and Fine Dust), climate change, energy, etc.
    • Sponsored Forums will be customized to meet the sponsor’s needs. UKC 2017 organizing committee will appoint most suitable forum chair to effectively accomplish the sponsor’s goals.
  • Other programs
    • Special Subject Forums
    • Industry Forum
    • Intellectual Property Forum
    • Small and Medium Business workshop
    • Young Generation Professional Forum
    • KSEA Former Presidents Forum
    • KSEA History Forum
    • KWiSE Forum
    • Youth Science and Technology Leadership Camp