Smart City (CEA/CIT)

August 10, Thursday, 1:20-3:20PM at Fairfax



Soolyeon Cho




1:20 PM [INVITED] Shared Autonomous Electric Mobility for Smart Cities

Donna Chen (University of Virginia)

2:00 PM Assessment of Roadway Reservation System towards Smart City

Brian Park (University of Virginia)

2:20 PM Before Sunrise or Before Midnight? Tackling Temporally Uncertain Contextual Effects in Measuring Nighttime Urban Vitality

Young-Long Kim (Clark University)

2:40 PM Characteristics of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in Building Systems

Yeobeom Yoon (North Carolina State University)

3:00 PM Adaptive Façade: Smart Building for Improved Energy Efficiency and Human Comfort

Majd Hijazi (North Carolina State University)