Basic Science

Physics (PHY)

Chemistry (CHM)

Math/Applied Math/Statistics (MAS)


Chemical Engineering (CHE)

Computer Sciences and Information Technologies (CIT)

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Mechanical, Aerospace and Naval Engineering (MAN)

Civil, Environmental, Architecture (CEA)

Electrical, Electronics and Communications (EEC)

Health and Medical

Food, Agriculture and Nutrition (FAN)

Bio, Medical and Pharmaceutical (BMP)

Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Interdisciplinary Sessions

Connected and Automated Vehicle (CIT, CEA & EEC)

Nano Technology and Materials for Energy Applications (CHM & CHE)

Physics, Chemistry and Biology Connections (PHY, CHM & BIO)

Mathematical Aspects of Biology and Biomedical Engineering: Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis (MAS, BME & BMP)

Energy and Material (CHM & MSE)

Energy Production and Storage (MSE & ECE)

Additive Manufacturing (MSE & ECE)

Nano-Micro Fabrication for Bio/Energy/Material (MAN with BMP, CHE & MSE)

Cyber Physical System for Transportation/Health (EEC with CEA & BMP/BME)

Smart City and Smart Grid (EEC & CEA)

Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization (CEA with CHM/MAN/MSE)

Precision Medicine and New Drug Discovery (BMP & BME)

Cyber Security (CIT & EEC)