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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Travel Support

Where can I find travel support information?

Please check the Registration – Travel page.

Are there any available hotel or meal supports?

No. Meals are included in the registration fee if you stay at St. John’s University. . Otherwise, participants will need to purchase each meal separately during the registration although this meal purchase is not required.

Is a Travel Support Application Form separate from a Reimbursement Form?

Yes, all participants who seek for travel support are required to submit a travel support application form by May 31, 2018. Reimbursement form is separate from the application form and needs to be submitted after the conference, by August 31, 2018 with all travel receipts.

Are there any special support for students or post doctors?

We are currently working with sponsors in conjunction with the 1:1 onsite job interviews. We will post it as soon as the information is available.

Paper Submission

How should I submit my paper?

Please read the submission guidelines page for more information

  1. Go to the following page: Call for Paper -> Paper Submission Guidelines
  2. Download the one-page paper template.
  3. With the one-page draft paper ready, start the online paper submission process by filling in the requested information on the web page, and upload one-page paper in MS Word .doc or .docx form.

Will there be a full-length paper submission when I get accepted?

There will be no need for a full-length paper submission. But, when accepted, you will need to submit a final version of one-page paper by revising your 1-page draft paper submitted earlier.

How should I prepare a poster?

Prepare a poster no larger than 36″(H)x 48″(W). It is not necessary to make a special poster; you may also affix your PowerPoint printouts on the poster board. Please check Call for Paper -> Paper Submission Guidelines page for more information.

I haven’t received an acceptance notification email. How long should I wait?

If you have not provided an email address, there is no way we can reach you. Please check it again. About 10% of submitters did not provide an email address or provided a wrong or incomplete email address. Please log in an provide correct email address. If your address is correct, your paper is being reviewed and the notification will be sent by April 15 for early paper and May 15 for regular paper.

Re-submit, Modify or Delete Papers

How can I re-submit my paper?

Please go to the paper submission site and select “Paper Submission Status“, and login using the email address that you used for the original submission. The web page will show your submissions. Please update the file(s) using the “Replace My File” link.

Is everyone required to do the resubmission?

No, you only need to re-submit a revision if the original submission didn’t use the UKC 2018 MS Word template. If your paper does not follow the template format, your paper will not be published in our proceedings and you will lose the presenter status. Of course, if your symposium chair has sent you the comments, you can revise the abstract accordingly before final submission.

Am I allowed to update my final version multiple times?

Yes. You can update the final version multiple times until the due date.

Am I allowed to submit my final version to a different symposium?

No except proper pre-coordination between two Symposium Chairs. However, some of you may be requested to do so by the symposium chair. In such a case, please delete the original submission and re-submit your final version to the new symposium specified by the current symposium chair.

My paper is accepted as an oral paper. Can you change it to a poster? (or vice versa)

Please contact the symposium chair where your paper belongs to. He (or she) will check if he can change the presentation type. The symposium chair contact information is under the Call for Paper tab.

Conference Program

What is the difference between Symposium and Forum?

Twelve Symposiums focus on specific technical fields. The Forum (Closed session or open to the public session) is a custom-designed, special topic session, workshop, and round table – typically with specific sponsors from the Industry and government-funded research Institutes.

Where can I find the Symposium Chairs/Co-Chairs contact information for any further inquiries?

Please check the Symposium-Forum page.

Technical Issues

I am getting multiple emails. Can you send me only one?

You may receive multiple emails with a reminder email until UKC 2018. Otherwise, it is quite likely that you have multiple KSEA accounts. If you want to consolidate the duplicate accounts, please contact KSEA membership support.

Where can I find the Symposium Chairs/Co-Chairs contact information for any further inquiries?

Please check the Symposium-Forum page.

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