Materials innovation is crucial for addressing critical issues of energy, environment, and sustainability that the society is currently facing. Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) symposium brings together scientists and engineers with interdisciplinary research backgrounds, working on the forefront of materials sciences and technologies towards this common goal. The symposium intends to provide a lively forum, where participants gain new perspectives and network for potential future collaborations. This year, the symposium will be focused on (a) electronic materials, (b) functional nanomaterials, and (c) emerging new materials, in relation to advanced applications, including but not limited to nanoelectronics, energy conversion & storage, and quantum device engineering. Associated materials design, synthesis, processing, and characterization will be discussed in addition to their practical implementation into technologies.



Chang-Yong Nam
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Yeonwoong Jung
University of Central Florida
Jun Hyuk Moon
Sogang University

The official UKC 2019 conference proceeding will be published and sent to the speakers when it becomes available after UKC 2019.