Kyeong Ho Yang
KITEE, Dialogic

Eugene Kim
LG Electronics

Beyond the excitement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) already proved its value and potential capability and started delivering significant ROI for business. AI is believed to have profound impact on various functions across all industries, creating unrivalled efficiencies in human productivity. AI and its core component, machine learning, are now a must in every IT strategy in business. Robots equipped with AI and a number of innovative techniques could do much complex actions and tasks comparing to the robots that currently dominate repetitive works in factories. This forum touches core technologies and trends of AI and Robotics and discusses its broad applications in various sectors such as automotive, aviation, education, healthcare, finance, digital economy, entertainment, and information technology. Following the presentations, the short Q&A sessions will try to understand promising application areas of AI and Robotics, collaboration among various sectors, and its impact on entrepreneurship and startup opportunities that would disrupt the current industries. We understand that AI and Robotics are very broad in both technology components and applications and we will be able to address only a slice of the topics in this forum. We hope to hold the forum around AI and Robotics at every UKC in the next few years.


Friday, August 16, 2019

August 16 Friday, 4:00-6:00 PM, Room: ABC
Time Title and Authors
Open Session 4:00 PM Opening 
4:05 PM
AI and Robotics Research in LG Electronics (Eugene Kim, LG Electronics)
4:45 PM
AI in Robotics
5:45 PM Q&A