Chemistry is crucial to the understanding of the behavior of materials on the atomic and molecular level and the advancement of modern technology through its application. Much of recent advances in chemistry were made at the interface of chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering, and interdisciplinary research is becoming increasingly more important in solving important and complex problems. This year’s Chemistry Technical Group organizes symposia focusing on the following key themes: (1) Atomic and Molecular Chemistry of Organic, Inorganic, and Hybrid Systems, (2) Macromolecular Chemistry of Polymers and Living Polymers, and (3) Chemistry Interfacing Biological and Biomedical Systems. Experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches addressing critical issues in the chemical design and property characterization of the aforementioned systems will be covered. Applications such as those in biotechnology, catalysis, and energy fields will be also discussed.


Jong-in Hahm
Georgetown University

Dong Hee Son
Texas A&M University
Sungjee Kim

The official UKC 2019 conference proceeding will be published and sent to the speakers when it becomes available after UKC 2019.