This symposium offers professionals in the Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition fields a multidisciplinary platform to learn about the latest scientific advances from academic, government, and industrial leaders. The symposium covers all areas of foods, agricultural products, and nutrition. Specifically, the symposium focuses on: (1) scientific information on food science including functional food, food processing, food quality, safety and regulation, food nanotechnology, and other emerging food technologies; (2) scientific information and advances in agricultural science including agronomy, animal sciences, crop science, entomology, plant science, and other agricultural areas; and (3) scientific information and advances in nutrition, mechanistic understanding of nutrient actions on human health, and prevention and treatment of various disease conditions including obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and many other disorders using nutritional approaches.



Hong-Sik Hwang

Ike Kang
California Polytechnic State University
Kwang-Geun Lee
Dongguk University

The official UKC 2019 conference proceeding will be published and sent to the speakers when it becomes available after UKC 2019.