The Math/Applied Math/Statistics (MAS) symposium will bring together leading researchers and young scientists from the US and Korea for an exchange of new ideas and invaluable information. The symposium will provide opportunities to present and learn about the most recent advances in the areas of mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and related fields and demonstrate their applicability to natural sciences, engineering and health. UKC 2019 MAS session will focus on Statistical and Mathematical Algorithm using Regularization or Theory (SMART), which can be applied to the development of smart health, smart engineering, and smart science. UKC 2019 be an exciting venue to interact with researchers from other fields, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration in the aspect of SMART. We cordially invite you to take part in UKC 2019 MAS symposium.

Jangwoon “Leo” Lee
University of Mary Washington

Myungjoo Kang
Seoul National University
Jaedeok Kim
Jacksonville State University.

The official UKC 2019 conference proceeding will be published and sent to the speakers when it becomes available after UKC 2019.