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Call for Application for YG/PF

The Young Generation Forum (YGF) and Professional Forum (PF) are two forums at the US-Korea Conference (UKC) that both explore career and leadership development topics. YGF and PF are two separate forums, but are often listed together as YG/PF due to the great synergy between them.

The Young Generation Forum (YGF) at UKC primarily focuses on undergraduate students, graduate students, professional students (medical, dental, pharmacy, etc.), recent graduates, and early-career professionals.

The Professional Forum (PF) at UKC aims to provide career and leadership development to mid-career industry professionals that generally have 10 or more years of experience.

YG/PF has a separate application from other symposiums and forums of UKC.

Your acceptance notification will NOT be part of the “Check the Status of Your Submission” system.

You will be notified by the email provided in the application.

This application provides a way to participate in UKC through one of the following non-technical avenues of participation:

Cash Awards for Best Papers & Posters

It is our pleasure to announce the awards for the UKC 2020 Virtual conference.

  • 12 Best Paper awards of the symposium and YG/PF – Certificate and $1,000 cash prize (1 for each TG session and YG/PF)
  • Excellent Poster awards – $500 cash prize (up to 20% of poster presenters)
  • Gifts for all presenters including podium and poster – equivalent to $30 (multiple presentations are not allowed).

Poster Presentation

Present a topic of career development or leadership based on your own personal experience with the help of a paper poster visual in an open-floor and relatively casual setting. All attendees of UKC will have the opportunity to attend the UKC Poster Session, which gives you the maximum networking opportunity to interact with participants from all walks of life.

Lightning Talk

Present a topic of career development or leadership based on your own personal experience within a 5-minute time limit. Feel free to use powerpoint slides, props, or any sort of visual to engage the audience and inspire them. The audience’s undivided attention is yours, but keep in mind that you only have 5 minutes to make your impact. After your 5 minutes are up, the audience will have a chance to follow up with a few minutes of Questions and Answers.

All presentations will be expected to be written and presented in English. The application will ask for written abstracts or summaries. UKC 2020 may publish the submitted abstracts, summaries, and presentation materials in an electronic version of the proceedings/program booklet.

If you wish to present a technical talk or poster, please apply to the symposium related to your technical topic as explained in the UKC 2020 Call for Papers. If accepted via the Call For Abstracts avenue of participation for any of the forums or symposiums at UKC, you are also more than welcome to attend and participate in any of the sessions of the Young Generation Forum or Professional Forum.

It is highly recommended to prepare the following items before beginning the application:

  • Signing into Google will be required in order to complete the application
  • Resume in PDF format
  • Students will be required to upload their most recent Unofficial Transcript in PDF format
  • Postdocs will be required to upload a copy of their Offer or Employment Letter in PDF format
  • Title and Abstract/Summary for Lightning Talk or Poster
  • There will be a Copyright Agreement at the end of the application, please be advised:
    As the corresponding author of the paper, I grant KSEA permission for the abstract to appear in the Proceedings of the UKC 2020 Conference held by the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA), and hereby agree to the following:
    1. This abstract is unclassified (for public release) and has been cleared by the appropriate agencies, company, or government.
    2. This abstract represents original work by the author(s). The author(s) has obtained permission in its use of any material (including the portions of copyrighted) contained in the abstract. Exception made for U.S. Federal government employees

Submission deadline: October 12, 2020

Please note that you should NOT submit both an application to YG/PF and an Abstract to a symposium. Doing so may forfeit your acceptance to UKC 2020!

Your acceptance will be notified by email separately and is NOT part of the “Check the Status of Your Submission” system Should you have any questions, please send an email to